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But does he know? 
To be perfectly honest, I really do not think that DC is aware that he is different.€“ I do not know if this is a good thing but€“ at the moment I am going with€“ yes, but I really do not think he sees any differences between him and other €˜men€™ his age, or anyone for that matter. I really do not believe age is a factor in anything he thinks about or notices. I do not think age means anything to him at all. Read More

10 Blogs for Parents by Parents Raising Special Needs Kids
One of the most challenging things about raising a child with special needs is feeling as though you’re completely alone. Even if friends and family are supportive and well-meaning, they don’t know what it’s like to walk that proverbial mile in your shoes. Chances are, they won’t be able to offer you the advice and guidance you’re looking for, or cannot relate to the obstacles you must face along your parenthood path. Fortunately, there are a variety of blogs created by parents just like you and by parents just like you, who can offer insight, tips, and support for parents of children with any and all abilities. Read More

I learned to my delight over the weekend that I have been nominated for a blogging accolade called the €œLiebster Award by Jean at So Not Organized. The Liebster Award is a blogging kudo given to bloggers by bloggers – a lovely recognition by blogging peers! Thank you, Jean!
Of course, me being me, I did a little internet searching to learn more about it. It is designed to introduce new blogs.
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Liebster Awards and the blogs that I love!
Last night I was notified that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by Autism Mom. First and foremost I would like to thank Autism Mom for including my blog in her list of nominations. I enjoy reading her blog everyday and I am honored that she takes the time to read and comment on mine.

I had never heard of this award before, so after a little bit of searching, I did come across the award and the rules - €“ but many different variations of the rules. Read More

Thanks, Taking it a Step at a Time!
When I started blogging last year, I hoped I would develop some discipline and maybe sharpen some writing skills. I am thrilled to say the discipline has evolved; I am optimistic that my writing is shaping up; and I am surprised and very delighted at the unexpected benefit: becoming part of a caring community of thoughtful, insightful bloggers. Read More

€œAnd those whose names were never called when choosing sides for basketball€ #1000speak

I was not going to participate in #1000speak today because and only because, if given a subject and then told; €œOkay write! I draw a blank. I was sure that in a week or two I would
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It is a sad day in the Star Trek world. An icon has passed from the living into history, leaving us a powerful legacy.
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RIP Mr. Nimoy 
The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. €œI have been  and always shall be, your friend. €œOf all the souls I have encountered in my travels; his is the most human Read More

€œWhat Leonard Nimoy and Spock Have Taught Me€
I have certainly experienced loss in my days, of people that were close to me. Of course, I’ve experienced the sadness that comes with that. But, today I’ve experienced something that I had previously not encountered Read More

€œLogic is the beginning of wisdom; not the end.
I have been in love with Star Trek and Mr. Spock since the very first episode aired back in the 60’s.
I loved the adventures in space. Read More

To Boldly Go
I confess. I admit it.
I am just a big old Sci-fi geek from way back. I watched the first episode of Star Trek back in 1966/1967 (?) and I was hooked – for life. Read More

Remembering Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015
Actor, writer, poet, photographer and folk singer Leonard Nimoy, most famous for his acting role in the television series Star Trek as the iconic half-breed alien Mr. Spock, died on February 27th from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.#
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Take the long way home #1000speak

"€œFISH and the Bus Driver, FISH and the Bus Driver, CHICKEN and the Bus Driver".The school bus was a torturous place.

FISH and CHICKEN were the names they had given the girl. I do not know why. The chant began

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Everything is related – Toy Story

Again we start at Disney. Disney, Disney, Disney anything Disney. When the first Toy Story came out way back when, I was not sure DC would really go for it at all. Yes, it was Disney, but it was not the Disney he was used to. There were no princesses, no castles, no Haley Mills and most of all, no music. Read More

Alison's Poppy #1000speak

My friend Alison and I met in elementary school. We became fast friends and remain friends to this day. I loved everything about her, including her family. I spent so much time there, I am sure they were afraid I would never go home. Read More

The "Everything is related" Series
Everything is related -€“ Mary Poppins to New York City

I threatened in an earlier post,  a few of them as a matter of fact, €“ I would someday write about how, in DC's world, everything is somehow related to Disney or some of the other movies he enjoyed as a child and still enjoys now as an adult. Originally I thought this would just be a fun post to write, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized:

Everything being related, has, many times been used as a learning tool. Read More

Everything is related - Willy Wonka
In a few weeks we will be leaving for our trip to London. One of the items on our agenda, other than Cardiff and the Dr. Who Experience will be going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The Musical at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. DC is so very excited. Willy Wonka has been a favorite of DC’s since I can remember.  Read More

and sometimes a smile is all that we need #1000speak #Compassion – Guest Post
Compassion comes in many forms and at times just the smallest thing,  a glance or a smile can mean more than the grand gesture.  Read More
Everything is Related - Dr. Who

Relating the things that DC loves to anything else just helps to make it more enjoyable for him. DC loves to travel, but if we are not traveling to Disney World I usually rack my brain to come up with something to make the trip more interesting and exciting for him. Recently we took a trip to London and Paris.
One of the items on our agenda would be a trip to Cardiff and the Dr. Who Experience
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Everything is related - The Paris Edition

Back in May we went on a trip to Paris and London. There are so many things that DC can relate to in London without me having to come up with them for him, that I was not worried. Before London though, there would be a 4 day stop in Paris.
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2016 Top 5 Posts, #1, “Mom, do you love meeee?”
I am happy that the following came in at Number 1 in 2016; it is one of my favorites.

We still have the same conversations and he still says it exactly same way. I will surely never correct him and I hope that no one else will either…..

Understanding Death Is Not Like a Disney Movie
My step father passed away this week. DC adored his Grandpa and the feeling was quite mutual. When I had to look for a few old photos for the service, there were two that I was determined to find. The first was of DC on a bike with his Grandpa running along side him, holding him up.